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How to Avoid Being Scammed by NYC Towing Companies

How to Avoid Being Scammed by NYC Towing Companies

Getting the vehicle towed is a totally frustrating experience but you have to keep yourself calm during the entire process. For this, you’ll find most towing companies in NYC that are honest and hardworking. Their aim is to provide a valuable service to the communities and roadways, towing away cars from accidents, pulling people out of ruts and snowballs, and removing cars that violate important parking rules. They’ll always be available to help people to help them to get out of the frustrating situation. But there are always bad people with good ones, on the other side there are some towing companies that employ illegal and legal but predatory practices to gain extra profits.

While searching for a towing company the last thing you want is to be scammed by the company offering help. Because this will not only make you stand for so long, but also destroy your peace of mind. Sadly, towing scams are increasing day by day, so it’s important to be aware of what the common scams are and the way to avoid them. In this article, will cover those practices and offer practical advice on how to avoid these scams. We will also give you useful tips that’ll ensure you the proper towing service with complete peace of mind.

Common Towing Scams by NYC Towing Companies

Here we mentioned the common towing scams for you:

Unsolicited Companies

Unfortunately, there are scammers amongst towing services in NYC, if an unsolicited company shows up and offers roadside assistance, wait for your designated towing company. Some businesses intercept roadside assistance phone calls to show up unannounced and offer their towing services. Ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in the towing services you acquire and resist the pressure of working with these companies in case you accept this service could put you in a dangerous situation.

Disclosure of Hidden Costs

Be aware of potential hidden costs associated with the towing service you take. If a company is offering very low towing rates, then they will definitely add hidden or other additional charges to your bill. The average cost of a reputable towing service starts at $100 give or take, then they add additional fees to the bill depending on the distance of the tow, roughly $3-$5 per kilometer, the time of day, weather conditions, heaviness of traffic, etc. In case, a towing company is offering services $70 or below, they could be spiking the price in other areas.

Illegal Charges

Sometimes, a tow truck service will tow a car legally but after this charge additional fees that are not legal. Oftentimes a towing company charges a fee plus mileage and can also charge storage fees if the car is parked on their lot. Towing companies and municipalities may charge release fees, especially if you’re towed to an impound lot.

Beware of “Chaser” Drivers

Towing companies are not allowed to recommend a repair shop to you if you are not asking. There is a reason behind this which is some tow truck drivers are paid a referral fee to encourage businesses to local repair or body shops. In simple words, we call these drivers “chasers” and are breaking municipal laws by coercing you to favor a shop if unsolicited. The repair or body shop may not be covered by your insurance company so will definitely force you to pay out of pocket.

How To Avoid The Scams Of Towing Company

We share some useful tips for you to protect yourself from being involved in the scams of towing companies. Let’s get started:

Collect the Paperwork

Ask your towing service to provide a printed invoice to ensure upfront costs and proper documentation. These documents include any applicable fees and services, such as the towing, repair, and storage fees, etc. Be sure to read through this carefully to note any hidden costs that might be included. Keep this paperwork for your records, maybe you need these to dispute any charges later on.

Check the Truck’s License Number

Municipalities around the world require that tow trucks have a municipal license number displayed. To confirm the legitimacy of the towing company, you can check these license numbers. Keep this for your records along with all the previous paperwork.

Speak to Your Insurance Company

Before enlisting the help of any roadside services, the best option is to speak to a representative at your insurance company. Insurance companies can provide reasonable rates depending on your situation and inform you of your level of coverage. To ensure that you work with a reputable towing company in NYC and surrounding areas, they can also provide the next steps in attaining roadside assistance.

File A Police Report

Contact your local police department and ask about your rights if you believe you’ve been the victim of a towing scam. By doing this you can also help prevent a future illegal tow even also you will be able to recover your car fee-free.

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